Ball bearings Production

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Who we are

The company was founded in 1977 and thanks to its multi-year experience it is now one of the leading manufacturers of axial ball-bearing for doors and industrial doors hinges in Europe.

CMM's catalogue also offers a wide range of other types of standard ball bearings -as for example the ones used for the production of gravity rollers and truck sliding curtain systems- in addition to numerous not standard, customized bearings made upon customer's request.

CMM's products are sold throughout the whole Italian market and they are traded to European and not-Eurpean countries (Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Tunisia, Turkey, Colombia)

We have a 1200 square meters with eleven employees engaged in manufacturing and one lab technician for quality control, plus 100 square meters administrative/technical offices with three employees and one export manager: such dimensions allow us to manage from the smaller to the larger orders from our customers.

The three C on which we aim are: Courtesy, Competence and Competitiveness. Our qualified staff is available to meet any requests for standard or customized articles.