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What is a bearing? A bearing is a mechanical object that is used to reduce friction between two objects, which are in rotary or linear motion with each other. There are two types of movement that a bearing can perform:

  • Radial movement is determined by the radial displacement, i.e. misalignment of the ring inside the bearing.
  • Axial movement is determined by axial displacement or along the axis of the ring around the bearing.

We at CMM Italy are leaders in the manufacture and bearing production of bearings and for over thirty years we have been expanding our market network, throughout Italy and abroad, in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Tunisia and many others.

We design and manufacture thrust bearings for hinges and many other applications such as armoured doors, industrial doors, office swivel chairs, heads for rollers on gravity rollers for moving various objects, runners for sheets, radial bearings for drawers and furniture and so much more. Our staff's expertise and creativity, combined with the modern and flexible nature of our technology, are a guarantee of the unquestionable quality of our products. In detail, we make:

  • Pressed and turned axial thrust bearings: used for hinges for window frames, swivel chairs, camera tripods, revolving display boards, etc.
  • Pressed and turned radial bearings: suitable for most applications and able to withstand significant radial and axial loads
  • Turned angular bearings: built according to an oblique load line, which means they can bear higher loads than axial or radial bearings
  • Heads for rollers: these create the bearing housing and allow the bearing rolling system to work
  • Accessories for rollers: such as discs, supports and pinions in cold pressed sheet metal
  • Curtain runners: curtain runner systems suitable for truck tarpaulins, various sliding systems, etc;
  • Guides: for doors, fireplaces and drawers; formed by a three-wheeled runner that slides inside a profile; they are particularly suitable for high temperature environments.

Find out more by visiting our website, where you will find all our product technical data sheets, easily downloadable in PDF format.
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