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CMM Italy is a company that has been among the major manufacturers of axial thrust bearings since 1977, selling throughout Italy and abroad, exporting to European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Poland and Belgium and to countries outside of Europe, such as Tunisia, Turkey and Colombia.

In mechanics, a bearing is defined as a coupling between a support and a pivot that will allow relative rotation with minimal friction. In fact, regardless of whether there is a rotary or linear movement, the final result will be a significant reduction of friction between the two objects.

Our company manufactures and sells pressed and turned axial thrust bearings (defined thus because they determine axial displacement, that is along the axis of the inner ring of the bearing), with various customisation options, consisting of separable elements: washer-shaft, washer - housing and ball cage.

Pressed axial thrust bearings have many uses, such as:

  • Hinges for doors and windows
  • Swivel chairs
  • Camera tripods
  • Revolving display boards

and, as they offer outstanding performance, for many other sectors of use when axial loads are subjected to difficult conditions.

All our axial thrust bearings comply with the strictest specifications for all applications and the choice of the type of bearing depends on the application in which it is to be used (they must often therefore be associated with a radial bearing.)

Since their performance depends on the distribution of the load over the entire circumference, our company undertakes to produce bearings without alignment defects between the shaft and washer and between the housing and washer.
We at CMM Italy also apply a white, tropicalised, black galvanized zinc surface treatment etc., to the bearings. Turned axial bearings on the other hand, are made from a solid bar for turning and they undergo a surface hardening heat treatment.

The bearings undergo a turning process, which requires the bearing be placed into the lathe and the shavings be eliminated. The rotating movement of the piece and the use of a special tool to remove it, results in the material being cut and the excess that forms the shaving to be removed.
Our product catalogue contains many types of bearings that are available in a large variety of sizes, models and also materials. We at CMM Italy try to satsify customers' requirements by offering ad hoc solutions based on their needs and uses.

For more information, visit our website:, where you will find an area with all the technical data sheets relating to our products, easily downloadable in PDF format.
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