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Curtain runners are a special device used to facilitate the movement of two bodies in contact with each other. They are built from a body in pressed sheet metal, on which bearings are then mounted which will be used to compose the wheels. These bearings are in carbonitrided and galvanised iron or in acetal resin, respectively for the sheet metal or aluminium guides, sold normally.
The carbonitriding and galvanising processes make it possible to manufacture pieces with a limited thickness, with greater resistance to wear, meshing and corrosion. Therefore, these processes are suitable for all those pieces and surfaces subjected to contact with other moving parts.
Acetal resin, also called polyoxymethylene, is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material with exceptional characteristics. It can be worked easily, has high mechanical resistance, absorbs minimum amounts of humidity, has excellent resistance to wear and sliding and is remarkably versatile with great elasticity.

The axial movement system provides great fluidity, ideal for use at high temperatures. This kind of device is mainly used for:

  • Truck tarpaulins
  • Sliding uprights in the truck bodies
  • Other types of sliding runners

CMM Italy is a company with its Headquarters in Via Tagliamento 10, in Mellaredo di Pianiga, in the province of Venice. Founded in 1977 and with thirty years of experience, we have now become one of the best manufacturers of sliding runners in Europe.

Sliding runners form only a small part of our production, we also deal with thrust bearings for numerous different uses. We produce 1, 2, 4 and 6-wheel runners with wide, long or short brackets. Our meticulous and careful checks guarantee a high level of quality.
You will receive sliding runners and many other products that are fully functional, efficient and that will last for years.

At CMM Italy, all our staff undergo professional development to ensure the continuous reliability of our products, as well as to guarantee they keep abreast of the periodic updating of the production machinery that allows us to use new and innovative working methods.
Our staff are always on hand to offer you painstaking, personal assistance according to your needs. So why not take advantage of our extensive know how in the sector and allow us to advise you on the best sliding runner on the market.

For more information, our website: will provide you with an opportunity to request a free personalized quote according to your needs or you can contact us directly on +39 (0) 41 5190344.