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Cmm Italy makes guides for fireplaces designed to facilitate opening the glass covers of fireplaces and removing doors or monoblock stove fireplaces and is based on a very simple concept, suitable for all rooms in the house.

The guides we produce are linear and serve to facilitate the movement of the glass, drawers or doors and ensure easy sliding.
The main features of our guides are that they are particularly suitable for use in high temperature environments and therefore able to withstand many degrees in temperature or the presence of impurities linked, for example, to the combustion process, but without losing their special features.

The fireplace guides or guides suitable for high temperatures that we produce ensure sturdiness and resistance to water, dirt, chemicals, heat or impacts. Moreover, a great capacity for loads and extreme temperatures offers a standardised solution, suitable even for the most extreme environments. They are composed of a three-wheeled runner that slides inside a cold-pressed aluminate profile.

At CMM Italy, all our staff undergo professional development to ensure the continuous reliability of our products, as well as to guarantee they keep abreast of the periodic updating of the production machinery that allows us to use new and innovative working methods.

Our staff is always on hand to offer you assistance that meets your specific requests and requirements. Why not take advantage of our expertise in the sector and let us advise you on guides for fireplaces or suitable for high temperatures that are most suitable for you.

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